From our beginning over 30 years ago, to now being North America’s largest producer of kiln-dried packaged firewood and bulk air-dried cut and split firewood, Gish Logging Inc. has always insisted on shipping only the very best hardwood available.   Our company was founded with the passion of two experienced woodsmen, Mike Jones and Ernie Gish. Now with Ernie looking towards retirement after decades of service, Ernie will remain President of the company and oversee sales. (He is just cutting back his hours in the office, so he can pursue his passion of being in the outdoors).  Mike’s two sons are eager to fill Ernie’s experienced boots. Gish Logging solidified its commitment to kiln dried and packaged firewood in 1999 by investing over $2.7 million dollars on the very best kilns and packaging equipment.  As we embarked on the 21st century, our team understood if we treated each customer, no matter their size, as we did our first customer with devotion and dedication, we would someday be the largest producer of quality packaged firewood.  We obtained that goal just 3 short years later.  Our now 35 employee team operates out of a 20 acre campus in south central Pennsylvania, housing over 250,000 square foot of manufacturing and warehouse space.

Gish Logging’s packaged firewood is kiln-dried utilizing a State of the Art “wood-gasification system” and is marketed under the “Hotsticks” trademark. We are a fully integrated firewood operation controlling the product from the forest to the shelf, with the raw material, manufacturing, warehousing and transportation capacity to supply your total packaged firewood needs. Additionally, our seasoned management team has over 80 years of experience in the firewood industry combining experience in strategic planning, manufacturing, production management as well as marketing and finance. Gish logging is also EDI and EFT capable for easy ordering and tracking. All of our products are UPC coded for retail and inventory convenience.

Our location is one of our greatest assets. We are located between two mountain ranges in south central Pennsylvania. We are within a day’s drive of more than 50% of the U.S. population and consumer markets. Gish Logging is within a 100 mile radius of Baltimore, Harrisburg and Washington D.C., and a 150 mile radius of Pittsburgh and Philadelphia.

In less than 20 minutes we can access the Pennsylvania Turnpike, Interstate 81, Interstate 70, the CXS Intermodal rail terminal in Chambersburg, Pa. and the Norfolk Southern rail terminal in Greencastle, PA.

 As a result of our “best in industry” kiln-drying process, Gish Logging is proud to be USDA certified to be Bug Free, Mold Free and Spore Free.  This unprecedented achievement allows our packaged firewood to be shipped (in compliance with USDA treatment schedule T314-a) anywhere in the United Sates.  This accomplishment is especially advantageous to the Food Industry whereby, Hotsticks, because of its USDA certification, can be legally stored in the Grocery Warehouse or inside Restaurants.


Gish Logging is committed to protecting one of Earth’s most valuable resource, the Forest. We only purchase from timber companies that abide by strict local, state and federal guidelines.  Gish Logging also encourages and supports local forest rejuvenation.  Gish Logging is very conscience of the environmental footprint. Our kiln boiler uses a state of the art wood gasification system, which uses sawdust for fuel in our kilns boiler, eliminating the need to harvest fossil fuels such as oil or coal.  Gish Logging has no waste that goes to landfills from processing our products.  Even the scrap and miss-sized firewood is processed into 100% all natural landscape mulch.   We want our grandchildren to experience the forest as we do; majestic, inspiring and beautiful.


In 2002 Gish Logging was named Franklin County’s Small Business of the year.  Also, in 2009, Gish Logging received the Innovator Award by the Chambersburg Chamber of Commerce.  The award was entitled “Team Rowers”. Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results. In 2014 Gish logging was recognized for its support of the Wounded Warriors sponsored by the Mason Dixon SCI.

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